It will be very pleasantly appreciated especially during convivial moments with family or friends (for an aperitif for example!)


Percentage of truffles per 100 gr of half-salted butter

minimum: 10%

maximum 30%

1 truffle (depending on the percentage chosen, the higher the percentage, the better it will be)

100 g half-salted butter 

Preparation of summer truffle butter

The preparation is identical to black truffle butter, tuber melanosporum; the differences lie mainly in the more subtle perfume and its taste of undergrowth, mushrooms.

Cut the butter into approximately 20 g slices. Dice the truffle roughly in pieces in a small container. Take a deep plate, pour about 1/5 of the cut truffle, add a piece of butter and then crush the butter and truffle with the fork, crush and knead. Gradually add the remaining butter and truffle.

To obtain a homogeneous mixture, take cling film, put it flat on a cutting board, put the truffled butter, form a roll, roll up in the film. Take the ends of the pre-formed pudding by pinching the film and then rolling it on the board. You will form a pudding of truffled butter that you reserve in the refrigerator. 

How to use it

There are many ways to use white summer truffle butter:

- On toast as an aperitif accompanied by a white wine, red wine or champagne,

- On a grilled fish topped with slightly heated truffle butter,

- On different grilled meats, etc. 


To use the truffled butter wisely, fill small silicone molds or ice cube trays, as soon as they are frozen you take them out, wrap each portion in an aluminum foil, place them in a jar (already frozen), close the jar and reserve in the freezer. You will use them on demand. In this way, black truffle butter can be kept for a few months. (4 months maximum)