Sanitary Measures




Our truffle farm visit site is vast, with a lot of outdoor space, allowing for fluid circulation and optimal protection of visitors. The very nature of this site encourages visitors to wander around and does not generate static groups of people.

The conditions of reception are lightened, the wearing of a mask outside is not obligatory, it is nevertheless necessary to have it with you for the visit of the Truffle Workshop. These conditions may evolve according to the evolution of this pandemic and the new governmental dispositions.

Optimisation of flow management and fluidity of movement

Promote the sale of tickets online and for others, terminal payment at the exit.

(one direction of traffic)

Implementation of several "Private OPEN Day" family formulas for maximum security during their visit to our site. In this case no risk of promiscuity.

We also offer a "Private OPEN Day" formula for groups of 8 to 10 people maximum.

Visits take place in a natural environment.

The tasting takes place on the covered terrace, with a table of 8 for 4 guests.

The visit of the truffle workshop, sales room and payment limited to 2 people.

Sanitary security 

Offer of masks to people who are not equipped for the visit of the truffle workshop.

Hydroalcoholic gel for all visitors on arrival and before tasting and at the entrance to the truffle workshop.

Wearing of a protective visor for the guide.

Display of instructions and sanitary measures

Information and commitments published on the website as well as at the entrance of the place of visit. 

Cleaning and disinfection

Workshop, payment counter and sanitary facilities, after each visit.

Truffle workshop and sales room, signage and explanatory material: before the arrival of tourists and in the middle of the day.