Small Lexicon of the truffle


Burn: Grassless area around the tree due to the herbicidal activity of the fungus. This burned area is commonly called: "Witch's circle".

Calcicole: Characteristic of a vegetation that is adapted to a calcareous ground.

Cavage: Operation that consists of digging the ground (making a cellar) with the help of a cavadou to look for truffles.

Cavadou: An instrument to search for truffles.

Caveur: A person who searches for truffles or who practices truffle digging.

Marbling: A set of air veins that can be seen when cutting a truffle, which has a marbled appearance.

Melano: Refers to the Tuber Melanosporum or black Perigord truffle.

Mycelium: Microscopic filaments of the mushroom. It is the vegetative apparatus of mushrooms.

Mycorrhizae: Association of the fungus (myco) and the root (rhize). It is the result of the symbiotic association, called mycorrhization, between fungi and plant roots.

Mycorrhization: Symbiostic association between the fungus and the roots of the tree.

Peridium: The envelope of the truffle, the verucous skin of the truffle.

Spores: reproductive organs of the truffle. (seeds)

Truffle: Young truffle weighing less than one gram.

Truffle grower: Person who cultivates the truffle.

Truffle plantation: Plantation of truffle trees where truffles are harvested, can be natural or planted.

Tuber: Qualifies the different species of truffles.
Ex: Tuber melanosoprum, Tuber magnartum, tuber aestivum etc...