At what time of the year can we find black truffle melanosporum (Black Perigord Truffle)

The Périgord black truffle, tuber melanosporum is authorised for marketing from 15 November to 30 March. Its maturity varies according to the year. The best time to buy black truffles is from the beginning of January to mid-February, when they are fully ripe and smell good.

How to choose a good Black Truffle melanosporum?

At the mere sight, it is not easy to recognize a good black melanosporum truffle. Therefore, when you want to buy a truffle on a stall, I recommend you to check the following criteria:
1) Aroma - When you smell the truffle, it should give off pleasant aromas.
2) Firmness - the truffle should feel firm to the touch.
3) Colour - Its flesh must be black with white veins (check at the location of the canifage: cut with a knife so that the flesh can be seen).

Small Lexicon of the truffle


Burn: Grassless area around the tree due to the herbicidal activity of the fungus. This burned area is commonly called: "Witch's circle".

Calcicole: Characteristic of a vegetation that is adapted to a calcareous ground.

Cavage: Operation that consists of digging the ground (making a cellar) with the help of a cavadou to look for truffles.

Cavadou: An instrument to search for truffles.

Caveur: A person who searches for truffles or who practices truffle digging.

Marbling: A set of air veins that can be seen when cutting a truffle, which has a marbled appearance.

Melano: Refers to the Tuber Melanosporum or black Perigord truffle.

Mycelium: Microscopic filaments of the mushroom. It is the vegetative apparatus of mushrooms.

Mycorrhizae: Association of the fungus (myco) and the root (rhize). It is the result of the symbiotic association, called mycorrhization, between fungi and plant roots.

Mycorrhization: Symbiostic association between the fungus and the roots of the tree.

Peridium: The envelope of the truffle, the verucous skin of the truffle.

Spores: reproductive organs of the truffle. (seeds)

Truffle: Young truffle weighing less than one gram.

Truffle grower: Person who cultivates the truffle.

Truffle plantation: Plantation of truffle trees where truffles are harvested, can be natural or planted.

Tuber: Qualifies the different species of truffles.
Ex: Tuber melanosoprum, Tuber magnartum, tuber aestivum etc...



What does the term: CAVER

To CAVER, simply means to make a hole, a cellar!
This term is used when the truffle grower is going to harvest his truffles with the help of his dog.