Black truffles from Montcuq lyophilised - Tuber Mélanosporum -10g

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Black truffles from Montcuq lyophilised - Tuber Mélanosporum -10g


Black Truffle of Perigord, its botanical name: Tuber melanosporum.

Fresh lyophilized truffles. The black truffle is presented in strips in a glass jar. The process of sublimation of the truffle allows to keep all its characteristics, nutritional and organoleptic value. After rehydration, the truffle returns to its original black colour and retains its white veining. This product offers superb quality and a long shelf life, making it possible to enjoy the black truffle all year round.

10 grams of black truffles from Montcuq lyophilized his corresponds to 58gr of fresh truffles.  Divide by 10 on average the quantities to be used in relation to the fresh truffle. Example: scrambling for 2 people 3 gr of freeze-dried truffles will be enough for 6 eggs.

Preparation of the product : All the truffles are controlled and meet the following fundamental criteria:
- General aspect : Irregularly shaped, globular tuber with a black peridium and a black gleba (flesh) with white veins and firm under the pressure of the fingers. Brushed dry or washed without any trace of soil. Pleasant scent and sufficient maturity
- Origin of the product : The truffles come from the farm and (or) producers in our region, Quercy Blanc, Lot and surrounding areas.